Gig 19th March-Jasmine Power-Maxine Bacon & Francesca Luker

Headlining is  Jasmine Power jasminePowerwho is making her Drawingroom début along with 12 year old Francesca Luker   francesaca supported by local returning sweetheart  Maxine Bacon  who performed here with Jack… formerly with Mandy (Maxine&Mandy) before they both disappeared to Uni. MandMedit Maxine (Bacon) and Brit Award winning Jack (Garratt) jackG performed for us over a six year period before Uni then and Max returned New Year 2016, together with her new musical partner Jack and new material, she’s really grown with her sound, bringing with her that extraordinary voice she had all those years ago.

Jasmine is new to us and came via music producer and all round bighearted soul Lee Lester…. Jas has been on this musical journey since she was just a tot! Growing up in Wales, she said: “I remember waking up everyday to the classical radio in the kitchen. In the afternoon Mum would have Ska, dub or World music blaring through the speakers and in the evening, it was always jazz, mainly instrumental jazz, apart from Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone.  We all loved them.


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