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  • Gig 2nd August

    Sat 02/08/2014  Kal Lavelle kal laval  is an Irish ...

  • Musicians & Composers (1st Thursdays)

    First Thursday’s  we host this event….so remember 1st Thursdays…at 7.30

    So how does ...

  • Backgammon

    Hi, just a quick note to say Backgammon is here (Drawingroom) in Chesham on the fourth Wednesday of each month in the evening at 6:30pm ...

  • 21st June Gigs and Parties

    Sat 21/06/2014  Buryfields This is the second year Chesham’ own music festival will take place; in order not to deflect the significance of this event and ...

  • 19th April Gigs & Parties

    Sat 19/04/2014   Will Mcnicol returns…how completely cool. Selected in 2014 as Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s 30 under 30 along with established name like Ed Sheeran ...

I hope this site reflects some of the beauty and serenity of Francis Yard and my home, The Drawingroom. Web Clubs here in Chesham have done a huge redesign of this site and it is now my job to update the information….so watch this space!

The aim with this site is not to offer an alternative to visiting, but to expand and explain some of what goes on here with the art, music, food.

Please select the’s happening, you will find a series of blogs about what’s coming up.

If you have your own news, please feel free to e-mail me or simply drop into the gallery.