I can not entirely avoid life’s challenges, there will be times of illness and discomfort, times when life doesn’t give me what I want. Sometimes people, even trusted friends will disappoint me; this is part of life.

It happens to me, it happens to everyone. How should I resolve to respond to life’s challenges? Life is and will always be in constant change; I will never have everything just as I would like in my life; I must resolve to remember this Truth.

Hardship and challenges are all aound me. There are wars, famines and disasters; I can see people suffering from stress, loneliness and often with a lack  of meaning to life. Within the world of animals, all are either hunted or hunting; Life is a constant struggle.

Life gives me gifts, opportunities to act with kindness and compassion to help relieve the difficulties of others; therefore, I resolve to do so when I can.

I must also accept that there will be times when I cannot take away the suffering I see: at least I can be aware of the pain of others and hold their suffering in my heart.