Richard! Not totally blonde were brilliant, Dan was amazing and Katz was superb. The food was a step above previous feeds, so it was an all round outstanding evening; well done to you and the whole team. Keep it up, we will be back! Best wishes and thanks John and Sally Hi Richard,First time at a musical evening at the Drawingroom and I would just to like to thank you for a lovely evening.  The musicians were fantastic and it is such a privilege to listen to them in such an intimate environment.  Thanks also to your lovely young staff, very welcoming. All in all a perfect way to spend a Saturday evening – we will be back. Kind regards Hazel & Rob

Hi Richard, Thank you so much for putting on another fabulous and memorable evening of music, just the tonic after a very busy week. I had a lovely chat with the Italian lady on our table and hope to meet her again. I am studying hydraulic and pneumatic systems this morning with the soothing tones of Polly Barrett in the background!  Kate x drawingroom_review From TripAdvisor 25th March “A home from home” My Fiance and I visited Chesham to investigate moving to the town to start a family a couple of years ago. We were drawn to the Drawing Room and after an exhausting day house hunting we felt instantly relaxed, welcome and at home. An interesting and creative place, we also got the impression that this was an inspiring community and musical hub for like minded people and it encouraged us to make the move. We liked the fact that local artist’s works and local produce were displayed and on sale.

We were pleasantly surprised as having been enjoying the music and culture of East London for the last few years we were not expecting something so unique and bohemian in such an isolated Buckinghamshire town! We have been very appreciative of the place since our move and tend to pop in most times we go into town for first class coffee, a glass of wine or some delicious tapas. As vegans we find it hard in Chesham (as in most places) to find somewhere to grab a bite to eat and we are certainly catered for well which is great. We often find ourselves striking up a conversation with visitors and regulars there and so a good place to make new friends. Richard and his team of staff are always friendly and welcoming, especially with our 16 month old who likes to toddle around and play with the toys/ get into mischief. We were lucky enough to enjoy a few of the amazing folk gigs which take place every other Saturday and even one with the little’un in tow which made for one of the loveliest evenings ever! We are very fortunate to have world class folk/ acoustic/ singer songwriter artists perform on our doorstep. The atmosphere during gigs is really unique and intimate, it must be a refreshing place to perform especially compared with the larger venues. Chesham would be a much poorer place if it were not for The Drawingroom. With the inane and impersonal Cafe chains dominating the high streets these days (Chesham being a classic case in point) which tend to stifle local businesses and any creative diversity, the DR really is a golden oasis to be cherished and supported by all 🙂 Phil, Sadie & Sam

Thank YOU Richard! I had the best birthday evening and it was a privilege to be part of such a special event and of course meet my favourite guitarist!  I understand (fully,now!) that it is your home and many guests are your friends so may I say a big thank you for having us and making us so welcome despite being ‘newbies’ to the Drawingroom.  My family and girlfriend absolutely loved it too…as you said the food, company, service, music, video feeds and general cosy, awesome vibe were all excellent..thanks again for organising such a cool evening (on my birthday!) and we hope to come back soon..Will Punter From TripAdvisor Buckslady186338

We visited The Drawing Room last night for a gig and as always it was a superb evening. Pleasant company and stunningly talented musicians. The chicken curry was excellent and the lemon cake makes us come back for more. All in all another perfect way to spend a Saturday night. From TripAdvisor

When I moved across to the UK I had been warned that I would be caffeine celibate for the duration of my stay. Being a Melbournian, and North of the Yarra at that, I take artisan coffee and café culture for granted. When I landed in a sea of Starbucks, Neros, and Costas I resigned myself to endless cups of tea. My brother directed me to The Drawing Room, “We don’t go there, but you wear corsets”. I couldn’t refute that logic. So two days into my transfer I wandered down, ordered a soy latté and braced myself. It was one of my most memorable moments. The coffee was the perfect mix of sweet and bitter, the milk was hot, but not burnt, the milk/coffee ratio was on the money. I had found my place. A young lady asked me if I wanted to eat. I explained that I just wasn’t sure what I fancied, could she surprise me? She grinned and brought me back a plate if crumpets, cream cheese and smoked salmon. Correct. It was exactly what I needed. Over the following year I developed a love affair with the chai (Ewa makes the best chai I have ever had), I introduced friends and family (Bianca and I became regular courtyard features, and my über conservative father thinks the Sophia’s hot chocolate is heaven in a mug). Richard and Ewa make the Drawing Room what it is: an extension of our home. It was the only (and perfect) alternative to the many pubs, and the addition of evening service and the Tapas and Wine bar has me excited for my return (soon, my lovelies). So please, go down there, get a dog snuggle, grab a hot rock for your hands, a chai for your belly, and enjoy my favourite place. Do it. Do it now.

Hi Richard, Just a quick email to say what a great time we had tonight! It’s only my second time visiting and I loved it! I’ll definitely be back! (Soon I hope!) My friends loved it too! Love Helen xx

Richard, I want to say a huge thanks to you and your lovely staff for giving my daughter and her friends a truly magical treat. The twinkling lights and the smell of roses as we arrived created such a lovely welcome and the girls thought the Zen Den was absolutely amazing. They loved the food and said it was the best garlic bread they had ever had! I asked my daughter to sum up her experience in three words and she said, ‘unique, relaxed and atmospheric’. Thanks once again, See you again soon.

Dear Richard, I had 50 copies made of the Drawingroom mantra and now another 50 copies and I love sharing it and the experience of eating at your special place. Wishing you happiness in spring from Autumn here – still warm enought to swim! Rosemary. Richard, It was absolutely amazing. I am still reeling today from the whole evening.  Our kids really really loved it and such a great experience. Will was amazing as ever and Lisbee was just so pure and beautiful. Thank you so much, From us all!! Nicola Wakeling Hi Richard, Wanted to say how much Des and I and our friends enjoyed themselves last night and how much we liked listening to Don Perera’s music. One tune brought tears to my eyes. Kindest regards Jan   Hi Richard, Just wanted to say what a brilliant night we had last night at your place.  Cant believe we have lived here in Chesham for 4 years and not come down to you guys sooner.  It was fantastic.  You made us feel really welcome and Tom was an amazing guest.  Feel really lucky that we were there to be part of it.  Cant wait to come and join you again. Keep us posted of any other music nights you have.  I have a few jealous friends from London who are desperate to come up one weekend when you have got a gig on.  Thanks again, Lisa and Nick xRichard

I visited your establishment at lunchtime and had a thoroughly lovely time, we loved the quirky touches of artwork for sale, the hot stones, the option of bathing while waiting for lunch and the lovely room upstairs with all the cushions. Best of all was the food and drink selection; the food we ordered was excellent. I have been raving to all my friends about your place this afternoon. Thanks for a lovely time, will be back soon. Lorna Fisher

Just to say thanks for letting us be part of a wonderful evening of food and drink, convivial company, singing and flaming lanterns last night at the Drawing room as we saw out 2012. Karen and I had a really enjoyable time and wish to say what a wonderfully unique and hospitable place you provide to the locality. Many thanks to all at the Drawing room. See you again soon and best regards  Jonathan

Dear Richard

We had an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G evening last night, thank you so much.  Honestly it was one of those evenings you hope will be nice and it just exceeds ALL expectation.  You’ve got 6 more fans and we will spreading the Drawingroom word as far around the world as possible.

We will most definitely be seeing you in the new year.  From all of us we wish you andPaula a very merry christmas and a gloriously happy new year. Best wishes  Sam, Fuzzy, Jax, Chrissie, Stuart and Spike

Hi Richard, We thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I am sure we will be in touch to join you again. Kind Regards,Andy Little

Hi Richard,  everything was lovely and we both really enjoyed our evening.  Liz is a very talented young lady. We came downstairs to order a hot chocolate but there were no seats and it was too cold to sit outside so decided to leave.  But we both loved it and are going to come again and bring friends next time. Keep on doing what you do… the Drawingroom is unique! Valerie


Hi Richard, It was a delight to stumble upon ‘The Drawing Room’ and yourself last Saturday- a real gem of a place. Although not exactly on our doorstep I know we will be back to sample more of the food and atmosphere. We would be interested in hearing about any music events you arrange. With best wishes Melanie, Ian & Harry Morton

Richard, thank you. It was a lovely evening. A

Hello Richard, I hope your well. Thank you very much for adding me to the list as well as Saturday. The music was good and the atmosphere were great as the venue. My friends and I had a ball. Nearly too much fun 🙂 felt a bit worse for wear on Sunday. Thanks, Charlotte

Hi Richard, I just want to say thank you very much for the gig the other week, it was a great night, i cant wait to come to the next one! All the best, Alex Humm

Thank you, Richard, for the times we have enjoyed at The Drawing Room.  We are now living down in Devon, though, so it’s rather a long way to come! Best wishes, Jan Lemos

Richard, Just to say I really enjoyed my first trip to the Drawing Room on Saturday.  I and my friend had a great time, enjoyed the food and music plus talking to others. We’ll definitely go there again. Incidentally we both bought the Mark Abis album (we were the ones asking him to play “Stranger” and “Ancient Road”) and I’m still listening to it daily in the car to and from work! Thanks again for a great evening, I will certainly mention the Drawingroom to friends, regards, Jonathan Bullock

Hi Rich, Thanks for a great time…really enjoyed the tapas last night. Sparky&Joy

Hi Richard, What a phenomenal evening last night! Kenny is an amazing performer- so different, it was like a breath of fresh air. Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful performance. As usual food was yummy and ambience perfect.Love Sue and Peter Hawksley

Hi Richard Another one of C&Gs cheesy thank you emails! In all seriousness, well done for raising the bar yet again at the Drawing Room. Not only did you attract a truly excellent artist at the top of their profession, Sean Taylor, but also backed that up with an incredibly inventive and ultimately rewarding support act (the anti poet). We’d also like to pass on our personal thanks to your young staff who really do look after us all at the concert. We arrived late, but they sorted us out with professionalism, good humour, and no fuss. It’s really pleasing to see people so young showing these characteristics and obviously reflects on your influence. Again, we’ll try and further evangelise the merits of the Drawingroom. Places like this are just too good to miss! Kind Regards George and Christine

R,Quite the most unique venue I have ever been to and probably the friendliest place on Earth. You were brilliant Lisbee, such a great singer, songwriter and superb guitarist – and I love that 8 string guitar! Thank you and see you again soon. Kevin Ryder

Hello Richard,  Thank you for a great evening on Saturday – thought Pie Finger were excellent. We will be back with a group of friends! Regards, June

Hi Richard, Just to say how lovely Saturday night was – thank you. Your place looks amazing. Best wishes Lynn The Rex Cinema

Dear Richard Thank-you for your kind invitation  to The Drawing  Room.  If you hadn’t phoned me that afternoon, I probably wouldn’t have gone along.  We loved the whole experience and will be returning for more!!  Bless you Richard for your love in action. Sophie and Jeanette xxx

Hi Richard, I think it’s great what you are trying to do for your community! Regards Janet and John

Hi there Richard, I am so sorry we haven’t made it yet to Saturday at the Drawingroom We are going to be down sometime in May: Have listened to lots of the music – where do you find all these fantastic people?! Cara Saul

Hi Richard, Thanks for your email, we thorough enjoyed the experience of visiting you today and will definitely be returning. Kind regards Janet

Richard, great night. You must feel very smug having created such a special venue. Hope Will returns soon. Intend to bring our sons next time he visits, he was inspiring. Many thanks Mandy Carr.


Hi Richard, thanks for another great evening. Apparently, Grant was playing Will McNicoll all morning:-) as always with a visit to the Drawing Room we can’t wait to come again. All the best, George, Christine, Chloe and Euan

Hi Richard,We came to your wonderful home with our friend Isabelle, to see Ellen and the Escapades. It was a fantastic night – and we both loved what you are doing there. Thank you so much – and please would you add us to your mailing list. Sue and Roger Hi


Richard, Really do enjoy the gigs Richard, and love the whole vibe of your lovely place. Shelley xx

Hi Richard, Thank you for another excellent evening last Saturday. Thought Jim (Ceasar) was really good … a star of the future. Will was just stunning, as always. The food was great too!  W xx


Hi Richard, Just a quick message to say thanks for Saturday night … I really enjoyed it. I thought the Jim Dolan Project were really good … I’m sure you’ll be inviting them back! And Mark Hole was amazing … I hadn’t seen him before but wow, he blew me away! See you next Saturday. W x


Richard, all the music was outstanding last night; you can tell the artists liked the venue for their performing. Simon and Andrea who we saw also had a brilliant time, everyone we spoke to said the same; well done for being a shining light in the area.  Jonny H Hi


Richard,  Just to say thank you for a fantastic evening last Saturday. My wife and I really enjoyed the gig and the atmosphere! Could you please add us to the mailing list for future events? Many thanks! We look forward to seeing you again soon. Mark&Jie Morning


Richard, Just a big thank you for Saturday evening – they all had a fab time! See you soon. Jill

Hi Richard, We came to our first Drawingroom gig on Saturday and absolutely loved it. Thank you very much. We can’t wait to come again. Many thanks, Caroline Bailey  Thanks very much for organising another fantastic evening. We all really enjoyed Cole Stacey and soaking up the drawing room vibe. Kate


R Shelley and I had such a great time on Saturday and it is so good to find friends in Chesham and this wonderful vibe in your Drawing Room – it is only natural to want to thank you for creating this space for people to come in and enjoy.  It is something rare and beautiful to find a place where people are so relaxed and open to chat with strangers….Pauline


R Just wanted to write and express my thanks for last night.  Wonderful evening! Best wishes, Adam Mallord. Hi Richard, they all had a lovely time and lots plan to come back, we are telling others in the class all about it too, sure you will be seeing some of them soon. Sue I’ve told everyone I know who is local about your wonderful space and hope to bring someone with me next time. See you soon

Hi Richard We popped in this evening and it was everything i imagined it to be , after my husband described it to me. The scrambled eggs were amazing and the Moroccan room was very inspiring, it was truly a pleasure to come across your abode and look forward to visiting it again. Kind regards Joanna & John


I just wanted to say, my dear German friends were absolutely enthralled with Chesham and particularly with the Drawingroom (as they indeed told you themselves – Anne Noakes Thanks for a truly wonderful evening with Skip Macdonald on Saturday, amazing!! Lesley x


Hi Richard All the staff here at school very much enjoyed the evening. Thanks for your hospitality and we look forward to revisiting soon. Wishing you a Happy Christmas Dawn A thousand thanks for this Richard – very special to relive last Saturday evening – but even more special to have been there!!! A x


Richard, You have every reason to be very proud of this incredible support – it shows, yet again, that you are doing things exactly right. Clive It was joy to have a good, strong, decent coffee in a lovely environment. Thank you for opening your home to allow us to enjoy it. We both look forward to returning soon and enjoying the ambiance once again. Kind Regards Deborah and Bryan Hi


Richard (and team) We’ve just returned from a delightful evening at the DR ‘after dark’ and want to say what a lovely time we had. The intimate atmosphere was perfect and the food very tasty. The wine selection was good and the carafe, a nice touch. Finally Chesham has a new evening food option other than Asian which is LONG overdue so we hope the word spreads fast and we have to start to book in advance! We’ll be back as always and will certainly invite our friends. Well done to all on the efforts so far. See you soon Daryl, Evie and Dylan


I love independent shops and cafés and luckily we are blessed with them a plenty in Ludlow and we do just that support our local economy. Long live the individual shops run by experts and let’s keep the economy working locally-Jon Critoph


Hi R,As usual, so bloody lovely to be able to relax and enjoy The Drawing Room last weekend and I could hardly draw my friend Mel away.  And of course, the lovely opportunity to catch up with you too.  If I don’t visit your place every time I stay with mum I always journey back to the Island feeling I have missed something. Janet

Hi Richard Just to say thanks for great hospitality ( chilly was yummy), wonderful entertainment, warming ambiance and ,as you said yourself, the blessing of a perfect evening! Best wishes for a sunny Sunday! Sue x Hi Richard, Thanks for putting on a great gig on Saturday, we had a fab time! Many Thanks Anjali


Hi Richard, Thanks for Saturday, we had an amazing night!! Many thanks , Will Arnold

Hi Richard Really great evening. Enjoyed all of the acts, but really great to see Stephen Rogers live for the first time:-) Again, thanks for putting on a great evening (as we’ve simply come to expect). Regards George

Thanks Richard, for an evening of fabulous music, food and ambiance on Saturday night ­ we loved it! We hadn¹t seen Will before and thought he was amazing. Jackie Campbell x

Thank you so much for another amazing evening. What you create and all you do, is truly magical ♥ Paula Bowen-Scott Richard,


Richard, Richard – what a fantastic triple-bill you got together for last night’s Drawingroom gig. All fantastic performers and creators – plus the thing that gives me such hope in this world – an audience that appreciates every last ounce of musicianship that these artists can offer.  Brilliant in the true sense of the word. My heartfelt thanks for your vision and peace, and to everyone behind the scenes who make the Drawingroom the unique gathering that it is, Much love Andy MS

Thank you and Cameron (w/out whom I don’t think it wd have sounded half as good) for a really fun night – it always so and whatever has come to pass it is every bit as good! Your musicians spoke and sung for themselves and young Will was very special – I shall watch his progress with interest. Thanks for inviting us and Paula you may see again sooner in search of GV carrot cake! Good luck with all. Nick BB


“Quite simply the Drawing room has the best vibe, best hot chocolate, best music, safe, friendly welcome and kind of makes you feel like you are on holiday. Makes you feel alive and as though there still is community spirit out there!” Suzanne xxx


Richard, Jo is fantastic. Her rendition of “my love is like a red red rose” made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. A beautiful arrangement delivered faultlessly. I look forward to seeing her again hopefully. Px

Jo’s music is elemental, made to be delivered in a natural setting and – due to the location of the stage, raised high just under the tree outside the venue – it looked for all the world as though Jo was indeed performing in some mystical woodland glade. As the wind rustled through the leaves and the branches swirled close above her in the gathering dusk, we were all literally enthralled as if we were all partaking some fundamental ceremony to celebrate the life force. Against the dramatic backdrop – both sonic and visual – I was especially taken by standout performances of “There It Is” (demonstrating the steely power beneath the sweetness in Jo’s voice), the delicate “Paradise” and especially the intensely moving “Think of Me”.  The unannounced new material slotted in seamlessly and I look forward to investigating further. In some way that is impossible to describe, Jo’s music has the rare quality of striking to the core to unleash primal emotions and as Richard rightly said in closing the evening, this was an experience that will live with those of us who were there for many years to come. Thank you to the Drawingroom for once again pushing the boundaries and opening our ears to new possibilities and to Jo and her band for delivering them. Richard Markham

What a CAPTIVATING and absolutely DELIGHTFUL evening, Richard. Thank you for suggesting I come along. The wind in the trees and the music Anne Noakes


“Yep, at long last our first Drawingroom gig – sad that it was only half our clan present, but it was everything we imagined it would be – twinkly, warm, full of lovely people and two hours of having beautiful, moving music washing over us.  And appreciative dogs!  We’ll be back. x” Stu McLellan

Richard – thank you for the gig tonight.  Everything about the evening was outstanding! Clive


Hi Richard, Well, what can I say, Estas purely and simply exceeded all my expectations! Wish I could have stayed longer, Will McNicoll Thanks for the joy and individuality you brought to Chesham whilst we lived there and all the very best for the future! David Pastor

Even though we use other cafes in Chesham, The Drawing Room will always hold a special place in our hearts…we still remember finding your place and having coffee when looking for a house in Chesham. You told us that the right one will speak to us and it did – five years on we’re still here adoring being residents of such a wonderful town in amazing countryside 🙂 Daryl and Evie (and our little Dylan, also a fan!)


Thanks Richard, we had a lovely time. Fantastic news money raised for Jasmine… See you soon, Liz and Kiran .. and congratulations to you too, Richard. It is an amazing thing you do for the people of Chesham and we hugely appreciate you and everything you do.  Thank you from us all X Jo Hill


Hi Richard I just wanted to drop you a line to say that we had a thoroughly good time at the Saturday night gig back in April.  We were at first a little surprised at the intimacy of the night, but this soon became it’s best feature! the music was superb, the food gorgeous and the company fabulous! so thank you very, very much for hosting such a lovely evening.  I am looking forward to the warmer nights and the summer hols so that we  can bring our son Tom along too. Gemma Crow


Hi Richard. What a lovely afternoon yesterday!!  Lovely music/performances – really personal – and ‘signing’ ‘Wonderful World’ was just magical!!  Thank you so much for letting me carry on singing for so long (I had to stop in the end as my hands froze)  !! Lovely to see Estas (spell??) as well – he is quite the most beautiful man I think I have ever met, and I mean in every way – not just looks. Anne C


Hi Richard Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for yesterday. It was such a wonderful, laid back atmosphere. Jack was absolutely phenomenal! We really, really enjoyed being in such a beautiful setting with so many people who we know and love as well as those we met for the first time. I know that Winnie was very moved by the whole experience… Much love and a thousand thank you’s… Es, Pete and Smiling Flower xx


Incredible. She has the most perfect, natural voice I have ever heard, every note seems to come from somewhere deep within her, its never forced. I would give anything to see her perform live, thank you so much for posting these great videos for us to enjoy!


Hi Richard we had a very enjoyable evening, our first time and we will be back. Have to agree with George, I thought that Declan was excellent, never thought that I would enjoy live guitar music. The chilli was perfect. Liz and Chris Richard 


A big thank you to you and your staff for providing a lovely spread and relaxed venue for Abigails Christening ‘do’ Everybody who came along offered nothing but positive comments Thanks again Regards Tom and family


Hi Richard I hope you are well. I know katrina sent a thank you on our behalf but thanks again for a great experience at the drawing room. Shirley


Richard, I feel guilty for not saying thank you because Robert, Nicky and I so enjoyed our evening at the Drawing Room. We loved Tinlin and especially Karima. Thank you thank you.Monique


Dear Richard Just a note of thanks for such a fun party on Saturday night. We expected the food and atmosphere to be very pleasant but we were totally ‘wowed out’ by the whole Drawing Room experience. (Am now a fan of both TinLin and Karima – hope to go to her next gig in Islington). Katrina Stokes Cave


Hi Richard Thanks for a lovely evening yesterday – great having Alex and Rolfe back and sounding as good as ever!  And I thought Karima was brilliant too!  Really warmed to her after about 2-3 songs as her lovely personality started to shine through and she interacted so well with her audience – so important and something a surprising number of artists just don’t do! Anne

Hello RIchard, This just to say thanks for the warm welcome you gave us today when we met you. Although I did leave our name and e-mail address I just wanted to be sure you have it. Leigh and Richard Kennedy


I often come to The Drawing Room for your delicious hot chocolate etc with my friends but I am unable to support you further. However I do think you do a great job in your encouragement of young, up and coming artists and your enterprising ideas in gathering different aspects and skills of the community. Well done. Regards Sue Hewson.


Hi Richard, I just wanted to say thankyou for a crackin night on Saturday. We really enjoyed ourselves and will be planning many more nights with you in the future!  Also, the folks we were sat next to were really interesting – we swapped email addresses at the end of the night and plan to keep in touch! Ian, AJ and Jake x


Thank you and a very Happy New Year to you all and with very many thanks for all that you have organized and continue to organize for our entertainment! Nick BB


Thank you for the vision, energy and love with which you create all that you do! With very best wishes, Deborah Sanderson and family


Hi Richard, My wife and I joined our son, Sam at the Drawing room on Saturday night. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and were immensely impressed by Estas in particular.Mic

… peace and love to you and the lovely work you do in Chesham. Best Wishes Kathy Ridges You are a lovely soul, take care. Denise


R, Just a quick one to say thank you for a truly wonderful evening on Saturday – Charlie and I had a brilliant time, as did Nick and Wibi – discovering great food, a unique warm and friendly atmosphere and new acquaintances (I was even persuaded to join netball team late on as the red wine got flowing….!), and of course, exceptional music. We particularly loved Kal and Evo, so will definitely be bigging them up on their respective sites, and hopefully seeing them again in the future. Thanks again Richard, really glad to have discovered you and The Drawing Room so early on after moving 🙂 Warm regards, hopefully see you soon,


Sarah Just to say how much I enjoyed last nights do. I had not seen any of the performers before and I must say i thought they were all excellent. Well done for putting on such a good gig. David


I think your marketing is great, personal, unique and ‘happening’. And the coffee is great too! All the best Giles I commend all your hard work for the community in Chesham! Lots of love, Fiona


Love Alice Shaw’s album! Really great CD!! Great to see you both on Saturday. Pxx


Hope all well, Didier very much enjoyed looking at your site recently, he was impressed by the selection of music, says very much better that new stuff in France. Jane


I just wanted to say thank you for your party the other week. It was fantastic to see untouched talent that has so much potential, it has enabled me to open up my mind to what I can do in music. The nights experience was great and that made the night a really worthwhile and special one! Charlie Southall


Richard … how can I ever thank you for the huge effort you have put into supporting the healing centre, I am so deeply grateful for, and heartened by, the responses you have motivated.  Somehow whenever you are around my world becomes a better more positive place, for which I can only send you a truly heartfelt ‘thank you’. Joanna Hill


What an evening it was on Saturday the 16th.  Rosie and I were totally taken by the evening and what you offer to musicians and the public.  Thank you!!!!! Jessica Harvey what gorgeous talent from what a 22 year old no? an 18 year old?, no a 15 year old …… impossible or almost.  She had a Boston voice in the nicest of ways, talent on the KEY board, talent with the vocals, and great smile of innocents with her proud mom close by. Blue is definitely a different sound and going somewhere as a vocalist with Elvis style side burns.  Then followed by Chloe Blackwell, with a new drummer that was absolutely tops………Douglas H. Malcolm-MacEwan


Hi – Just wanted to say a big thank you for yet another fab evening at the Drawingroon. You always create such a brilliant atmosphere. Great music too! PBS I was most impressed with your place – such a warm and welcoming place to be!  LOVED IT!! Many Thanks, Camilla Philip


Hi Richard-I visit your excellent establishment(perhaps anti-establishment?)on a regular basis, in order to have a good chinwag or philosophical debate with friends, whilst sitting in your front room whilst imbibing coffee and partaking of other goodies-a great combo, and quite unique in this England!    Linda Lord


Oh Richard you never cease to impress and amaze me with all the things you support and make happen! Please continue! Justine Thank you for your email Richard! I had an amazing time and I am very happy to have discovered The Drawingroom. Be sure I will come again:) Have a nice evening, Marina Saturday; Great acts; great music; great evening. My little group had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Thanks. Andie Murray


Hi Richard, Just a quick thank you for Saturday evening! You are wonderful hosts. We had a great evening with lovely people! See you soon! Wibi xx


Richard, Just like to say how much my wife & I enjoyed last Saturday’s gig. Good acoustics and not to loud. So many gigs are spoilt with groups cranking up the volume. Regards,     Alan & Sylvia


Hi Richard, Thank you for a fantastic evening last Saturday. We found your website by chance when looking for something to do on Saturday night and was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome, brilliant music and the welcoming atmosphere of your venue. My partner and I  would very much like to come again and would ask to be put on your mailing list for future events. Kind regards Jeff & Estelle


Richard Just to say thank you once more for all your attention to detail that made the perfect start to the perfect day. Michael


Richard thanks for organising the event on Saturday night – we both enjoyed it…see you soon Julie and Simon


A big thank you to you and everybody involved for a very special evening … it was amazing!!  I’m still smiling now just thinking about it … W xx


Dear Richard it was such a pleasure to meet you on Monday, to listen to your explanation of your unique vision and to drink in the energy of a very special place. keep up your amazing work, with which i feel a great empathy best regards Haydn Dear


Richard, My partner & I came with Claire Concannon & Tony Lampert to The Drawingroom last Saturday and had a truly wonderful evening. Lez


Hi Richard, Thank you for laying on such a great event, everyone commented the next day on what a fantastic evening they had had. I look forward to attending another Drawing Room gig soon! Best wishes, Kate

What a lovely concert again on Saturday. I can’t believe that was our first summer concert at the Drawing Room, and we also managed to participate en bloc. All round a great evening. You should be very proud of your achievements for both artists and audience alike. George, Christine, Chloe and Euan It was a great night out, I found myself saying – the mic needs to be turned up (your perfectionism is rubbing off on me!) Jill x x Really enjoyed last Saturday.   Lovely friendly atmosphere, great  music and nice food – what more could one want – maybe another bottle of wine ? …. and even that was found !   Thank you.   John and Jo xxx


Hi Richard, You may remember I was on Flutatious’ guest list. I just wanted to say thanks for putting on a smashing musical evening with Treana, JONT and Flutatious.  Your generous nature and determination for everybody to enjoy themselves and meet new people created a great vibe. I have to say, the sound quality was just excellent.  Every instrument could be heard cleanly and individually.  Soundwise, it was possibly the best Flutatious show I’ve been to (all 6).  So, hats off to your son with the magic mixing fingers. David


Hi Richard   Wanted to say a big thank you for a lovely evening…. great music and atmosphere. What a treat to sit under the stars listening to ‘world’ music. Catherine & Derek


Hi Richard,   Just wanted to say big thank you to you, Amy, the musicians and everyone at the Drawingroom for a cracking night last night.  Especially enjoyed having my own shaker!   Hope you have a great time away.   Blessings, Colin


Hi Richard,   I met you & lovely Taya (not sure if I’ve spelt her name right, sorry if not) last Friday. My friend Wendy & I spent most of the afternoon upstairs catching up & enjoying the drawing room ambience. Liz


Hi – we really enjoyed it too! loved loved loved juju’s voice! Katie Hanson   Wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the whole evening. We loved the veggie dish too …so much better than the fishn ships Tony said… I hope you did not lo0se money, coz you must carry on, lovely place.Unique. Annemarie


Hi Richard   A big thankyou for letting us use The Drawingroom last night and a massive thankyou to Eva and Jess for looking after us all so well. We all had a great time and needless to say I have a hangover this morning!! Thanks again   Laura x


Hi We all enjoyed a fantastic evening last night and listened to Jack’s CD on the way home! Clare


Hi Richard!   I would like to thank you many many times for receiving me last Saturday at the Drawing room that is just a really warm place. I have found the last words you said really true ” be kind to the others as you never know the battle they are fighting” as I am in a quite tough situation right now…Sabine


Hi Richard Thanks for this evening – we had an excellent time……. hope to see you next week sometime….. Jo and Lawrence


Dear Richard Just a quick e mail to say how much Vince and I enjoyed our first visit to the Drawing Room last Saturday . (We were with Sheila’s group and sat upstairs) The musical talent was excellent .. really enjoyable and such a delight to see such young performers  developing their confidence , performance skills and showcasing their talent . SJ Clerke


Dear Richard,   Thank you for your kind words and your understanding. I believe that what you give to others you give to yourself – as we are all one. So I know that your kindness will be coming back to you in many forms and ways. Nadja Hello


Richard   Thank you for allowing us into your home last Saturday for what was a truly wonderful and unique experience.  The hospitality, surroundings and welcome made for a very enjoyable evening, one which I hope can be repeated at some future date.   Many thanks again   Kind regards Jill Birdsell

Dear Richard and family,   Thank you for a really lovely evening. We all came along not really knowing what to expect and we were all  truly surprised at what a wonderful time you and your family gave us.You were all so welcoming and friendly especially as we were a large group and other than Sheila you knew none of us. I am looking forward to meeting you again sometime.   Best wishes Ann Morris


Hi Richard, just to say ‘Thank you’ to you and all your helpers last night. It was great to be given the opportunity to join in with the music, food and conversation. What a great atmosphere and one which went down very well with everyone in my little group. Trevor

Dear Richard,   Just to say thank you for a wonderful time yesterday evening, I was one of Sheila’s party and everybody had a really good time.   I was particularly impressed with Will McNicol, his playing was awesome. Hugh H.   …thanks again for making Chesham a more pleasant place to be. Jane (&Mel)


Chesham’s a wonderful Town blog:

Richard,   Once again thanks for a lyrically and musically enriched evening I find it a massively liberating. Richard Wynham


Thanks – we had such a great time on Saturday. Danielle x Richard   just a quick email to thank you for organising the event…Simon and I thoroughly enjoyed ourself and look forward to attending another event in the not too distant future..   see you soon   Julie and Simon Best gig ever, well done Richard.  Well apart from Tinlin that is, and Francis Rodino! Anyway they were good.   Jill x x


Hi Richard,   Just wanted to say a big thank you for Saturday night. The acts were really good, and Steve Rodgers, Wow! Will A.

Richard, thanks once again for a great evening on Saturday. Peter Davies


Richard,   Thanks so much for such a great evening yesterday.  We really enjoyed it and felt really honoured to be there.  Each performance brought something different – loved the lyrics of Skyplane, the incredible voice of Ashley and of course Tinlin and Steve Rodgers were fantastic.  We really hope to be back again soon.   Jemima and Alex


“Hiya Richard, We just wanted to say thanks ever so much to the both of you for such an amazing evening, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Steve Rodgers was incredible, we’ve already had his CD on twice this morning. Thanks again, Carolyn & Will x”


Dear Richard, Thanks for the emails I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the drawing room 2 weeks ago and sarah my wife said it was the best chili con carny she had ever had, Outstanding! Richard W.


Dear Richard just wanted to say hi and to say i luv what you are doing down at teh Drawing Room – so much community feel! Keep on keeping on and I will be in for coffee soon. luv from amanda sanders xo


Just to say thanks again for the nice welcome on Saturday night.  Thanks too for introducing me to Jasmine.  The Drawing Room was quite different than I imagined.  It was a privilege to be able to listen from 12 feet away and I was amazed at how ‘open’ the whole event was!  Nice to hear some unique and talented musicians. Jonathan


Hi Richard, Just a note to say “Thank you” for saturday.  Roger and I had a lovely evening and look forward to joining you at another party soon! Karen xx

Dear Richard, Many thanks for the lovely pictures what a joy to look at………….you really should be praised for all the good work you do in Chesham. Jean I currently live (rent) and see what amazing things you are doing there in Chesham and think back to our first meeting where I did some reiki for you. You have truly come a long way and done many amazing things. Well done to a man who is truly on his path and enjoying it. Love Jon


RICHARD, I admire your achievements on the art/social/spiritual platform – I’ve never doubted your potential to have a unique vision and to carry it through fruition.You are an amazing example of great human virtues, Stay blessed, Always, Milena

Thanks for the great pics – what a magical evening x Gillian

Thanks for a great evening. Good food and company. Jill&John

Dear Richard Thank you so much for the party last night.  It was a pleasure to be there and enjoy the music, the company and of course the sky lanterns.  A lovely way to see-in 2010. Andrew MS


Thank you for a lovely gentle evening …the perfect way to say goodbye to 2009 and embrace 2010. Jackie


Hi Richard Just wanted to say a huge thank you again for the brilliant night. It all went without a hitch, apart from when I fluffed my proposal and forgot everything I planned to say. Steve B


Another great evening at The Drawing Room, thanks Richard. Can you book us in for the next one. Jill x


Just a short note to say how much we enjoyed your “after dark” dining experience on Friday evening. We both had a fantastic time & particularly liked having our own private dining room, the whole evening was just wow!! So until next time…many thanks. Sue & Martin.

Hi Richard, Thanks so much for the gig last Saturday.  It was a real magical musical moment mmmmm. Loved  every note. Emma x

Thank you both for such a wonderful evening last night…your act of generosity was most appreciated big hug Jackie Hi


Richard, Thanks so much for a great night last Saturday…we all really enjoyed it 🙂 Danielle, Dan & George x


Hi Richard Thanks for your hospitality last night. Both myself and my brother really enjoyed ourselves and hope to return with a bigger group next time. Best Regards Paul


Just wanted to say thank you so much for what turned out to be a lovely family occasion at The Drawingroom.  It could so easily have been like any other lunch with the usual quick munch through sandwiches, but being at your place suddenly made our day an Event!  The boys loved being there too – the hanging chair, playing with the wooden sculpture toys and of course the ice cream and cake :o) So pleased we discovered you at long last, Lots of love Amanda xx


Just to say thank you again for the wonderful Saturday Music Night. It is getting better and better.