I greet this day with Love in my heart, for Love is the greatest Gift. Love is my greatest weapon and no one can defend against its force. For whatever reason I am rejected, Love will melt their hearts, as sun softens the coldest clay.

With Love in my heart, I will see Love in everything; the sun and rain, the light and the darkness and as happiness enlarges my heart, sadness opens my soul. As rewards are my due, so too are obstacles, they are my challenge. Love brings order and balance.

With Love in my heart, enemies will become my brothers and sisters. With Love in my heart I will find reasons to praise not excuses to gossip. When moved to praise, I will shout about it, for even modest praise goes a long way; Love celebrates all that is good.

With Love in my heart, I will see in all people, all manner of qualities, however hidden. Love tears down the walls of suspicion and hate built around cold hearts and builds bridges so that Love may enter their souls.

I greet this day with Love in my heart. I will love the ambitious for they can inspire me and the fallen, for they can teach me, kings for they are but human, meek for they are divine, the wealthy for their loneliness, the poor for they are so many, the old for the wisdom they share, the beautiful for their eyes of sadness, the ugly for their souls of peace, I will love all mankind.

With Love as my shield, hate and anger, adversity and discouragement become as soft as rain. Love will protect me and sustain me when I am alone. Love holds me in moments of despair and calms me in moments of exultation. With Love in my heart I will become stronger and protected by Love. With Love in my heart, I will walk unencumbered among all manner of men, as Love radiates from me as a beacon to others.

Love springs spontaneously from within, Love and coercion can never go together, but though Love cannot be forced upon anyone, Love is self-communicative. Those who do not have it catch it from those who do. True Love is unconquerable and irresistible and It goes on gathering power and spreading Itself until It transforms everyone It touches.

I greet this day with Love in my heart. Whomsoever I greet, in silence and to myself, I will say, “I Love you”. Love will shine in my eyes, unwrinkle my brow, put a smile on my lips and an echo in my voice and hearts will be opened. With Love in my heart, I will love myself and in so loving myself, I forgive myself as I forgive everyone, everything. I will love, honour and respect my body, my mind, my soul and my heart with gentleness, kindness and compassion, never drawn to evil or despair; never complacent or satisfied but fed with meditation and prayer, knowledge and wisdom.

Without Love, I can become small and bitter; shared my Love will grow and warm the earth. With Love I ask that all beings, without exception be happy in heart. With Love, there can be no deception, nor ill will to anyone anywhere. Let my/our thoughts of Loving kindness pervade the whole world, without obstruction, without hatred, without judgement, without enmity.

I greet this day with Love in my heart. From this moment, I Love all mankind. From this moment all hate is let from my veins, I have not time to hate, only time to Love. If I have no other qualities, I can succeed with Love alone. Without Love, I will fail though I have all the knowledge and skills of the world.

I greet this day and each moment with Love and deep gratitude in my heart and I will succeed.

The inspiration for The Drawingroom Mantra is drawn from words by Gautama Siddhartha (the 1st Buddha 566 BC) the author, Og Mandino and spiritual leader, Meher Baba.

Please copy paste and print as many copies as you care to share..