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Gig: 6th Aug Kevin Pearce Band and Joni Fuller

Kevin’s  music is Alternative, Ethereal Folk rock. After the success of his third album ‘Dynamite’ which critics are calling “stunning”, “atmospheric and “hypnotic”, and his UK tour that followed, Essex-born Kevin shows no sign of slowing down, with a brand new single set for release in the next few months and a string of festival offers. rp_kevinpearce-150x150.jpg

Joni Joni_Fuller #1 high-energy, lovingly crafted indie folk/pop from award-winning songwriter and classically-trained multi-instrumentalist. Joni’s first solo performance was aged 12 at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Since then she has honed her craft the traditional way, performing extensively in the UK, mainland Europe and North America.

Gig-6th Aug Kevin Pearce(&Band) and Joni Fuller

Kevin’s  music is Alternative, Ethereal Folk rock…. I loved it the moment I heard him play earlier this year. I know you will too. After the success of his third album ‘Dynamite’ which critics are still calling “stunning”, “atmospheric and “hypnotic”; the list of serious names who have endorsed his sound is golden, including Janice Long and Bob Harris…Want to come? Mail Me  ..and Kevin has a wicked sense of humour too. Pure entertainment.

Kevin will be playing new tracks off his forthcoming album ‘So On’  accompanied by his full band at this show.
“Track of the Day for Dynamite” – Q Magazine
“A keening vocal reminiscent of Cat Stevens “ – The Independent
“Stunning” – Dermot O’Leary BBC Radio 2
“Absolutely Beautiful” – Frank Skinner, Absolute Radio
“The Finest Songs” – Mojo
“As recommendations about music in pubs go, this was a great one“
Steve Lamacq, BBC 6 Music
“Now this i really, really love ! ” – Janice Long BBC Radio 2
“Dynamite is a Classic Album” – Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2 

Joni Joni_Fuller #1 high-energy, lovingly crafted indie folk/pop from award-winning songwriter and classically-trained multi-instrumentalist. Joni’s first solo performance was aged 12 at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Since then she has honed her craft the traditional way, performing extensively in the UK, mainland Europe and North America.

Featured as an ‘inspirational teenager’ by The Independent and ‘one to watch’ by PRS for Music, Joni is the only UK alumna of Phil Collins’ Little Dreams Foundation and an unprecedented double winner of the Make it Break it Songwriting Contest, judged by Chris Martin (Coldplay) and awarded by Sir Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts.

Katey Brooks & Ash Radford

Quick heads up!

I’m taking some time away from tomorrow (back in May). This Saturday will be the first Drawingroom gig I’ve not hosted…

Paula and two dear friends Victor and PJ will be here to look after you: I will be watching it live in Hyderabad..I’m hoping Jonathan Hobbs and Sam (sound and vision mix) will swing the camera round on some occasions so I might see your happy smiling faces! 

I am confident the whole Drawingrooom family will pull the whole thing off, put on an amazing show for you and together with a freshly-made, home-cooked supper…this really is one of the best living room vibe gigs you could ever go to. Katey, the headline is worth seeing all by herself.

Katey Brooks  kateybrooks2016 returns for the first time in two years, following two World tours, just back from Oz.

.. I know you will be blown away by her unique and remarkable sound, the sexiest blues, seductive tones in the music which will wash across your whole being…Come and hear her live.

Katey is supported by a new voice, Ash Radford (and girls, he’s a bit of a looker)   ashradford so, get your places booked close to him (there’s still some front row seats available); come for another night of magic and music this Saturday the 16th.

7th May                  No gig..I will be away travelling….mostly!


2nd April, Hannah Scott and Kevin Pearce

2nd April              Kevin Pearce kevinpearce & Hannah Scott hannascott With some fabulous encouraging comments from some major pundits:

“A keening vocal reminiscent of Cat Stevens” – The Independent

“Absolutely Beautiful”Frank Skinner, Absolute Radio

“The Finest Songs”Mojo

“As recommendations about music in pubs go, this was a great one”Steve Lamacq, BBC 6 Music. He’s new to us and I’m really expecting something quite special.

…and of course, Hannah, someone we’ve believed in for a long while, she together with Stefano Della Casa make the most beautiful music; classically trained and professional musicians, they’ve had lots of attention on BBC radio2 along with huge interest from local radio too.

Gig 19th March-Jasmine Power-Maxine Bacon & Francesca Luker

Headlining is  Jasmine Power jasminePowerwho is making her Drawingroom début along with 12 year old Francesca Luker   francesaca supported by local returning sweetheart  Maxine Bacon  who performed here with Jack… formerly with Mandy (Maxine&Mandy) before they both disappeared to Uni. MandMedit Maxine (Bacon) and Brit Award winning Jack (Garratt) jackG performed for us over a six year period before Uni then and Max returned New Year 2016, together with her new musical partner Jack and new material, she’s really grown with her sound, bringing with her that extraordinary voice she had all those years ago.

Jasmine is new to us and came via music producer and all round bighearted soul Lee Lester…. Jas has been on this musical journey since she was just a tot! Growing up in Wales, she said: “I remember waking up everyday to the classical radio in the kitchen. In the afternoon Mum would have Ska, dub or World music blaring through the speakers and in the evening, it was always jazz, mainly instrumental jazz, apart from Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone.  We all loved them.

12th March: Melinda Ortner & Sarah Munro

12th March                    Melinda  Ortner melindaortner & making her début here will be 19 year old Sarah Munro  sarahmunro
was born and raised in California, and the past five years she’s been based in LA where she’s launched her music career. She played at The Drawingroom in 2015 and blew the audience away with her robust singer songwriting, music crafted in such a professional way its no wonder she has a string of films using her music as well as writing for major players such as Ellie Goulding Ellie_Goulding to name-drop just one.

Sarah Munro came to me via a friend I met over 30 years ago and is serendipitously the best friend of his daughter. Her music is almost retro blues, with a distinct 40’s and 50’s feel to it. It’s un-nerving when so much talent is displayed at such a young age. Prepare to be over-whelmed….and from a very recent review…”Jazz/pop singer-songwriter Sarah Munro captivated the audience with her performance. It was apparent that Munro’s influences were beyond her years drawing on jazz sounds and her vocals were reminiscent of ladies of Jazz such as Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. I would look out for Sarah’s music as she is definitely one to watch out for in the future.” (Rookie Review) …and Sarah is currently on tour supporting none other than the legend that is Paul Carrack paulcarrick taking one night off to perform here…how cool.

5th March Will Mcnicol & Chris Woods-Grove &supported by Richie Carr(14)

The headline is an exciting collaboration. Two of the finest guitarists, certainly of their generation and perhaps in Europe…Will, already crowned Acoustic Guitarist of Great Britain and chosen to perform alongside Antonio Forcione antonioforcionesketchesofafrica in 2015 and with many more shows together to follow in 2016. The Mcnicol Woods collaboration created is what you will see performed: ‘A brilliantly brooding neo-minimalist masterpiece, written and recorded in 48 hours. This new ground breaking album #48HourAtlas ‘  Chris is a guitarist, composer, performer, producer, and an educator. Touring across the globe appearing at festivals including Glastonbury Festival (UK) across to  the likes of the Mikulášsky Jazz festival in Slovakia, with performances in art houses, theatres and even prestigious shows such as the NAMM show in LA. His mind bending guitar approach is exceptional, his multi faceted creative mind has spilled out into an array of different concepts including ‘The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra’…..their first performance of this album here at The Drawingroom.

Richie Carr is making his début here and the exciting link here is that Will has been a hero of Richie’s for many a year, and as complex and challenging as Will’s music is, Richie will be performing some of Will’s music …infront of Will. No pressure here then! Watch it LIVE HERE