Gig 5th Sept Will Mcnicol & Luke Selby

Sat 05/09/2015              Luke&Will    Will Luke small res-13…yep… this is Will Mcnicol and the one and onlyLuke Selby a collaboration/union of two of the finest musicians in their field. Will Acoustic Guitarist GB 2011 (since when no one has been awarded the title) remains the champ! Luke is an accomplished songwriter and musician in his own right and is already acclaimed as one of the finest drummers in the UK…their musical collaboration is as you might imagine, extraordinary. The pair were hand-picked to perform alongside Antonio Forcione the multi award winning finger-style guitarist. Having witnessed the event, I have to say, between Will and Antonio, aside of the twenty years age difference, there’s nothing to separate their skill. Will on the other hand composes bigger music and can be more realistically compared to Einaudi .


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