Gig – 19th July

Sat 19/07/2014   Jasmine Rodgers  returns, how cool; daughter of Rock legend Paul Rodgers of Bad Company and Free …Jasmine has grown up in a musical and creative World most of us can only imagine. Her sound is uniquely her own, as is her voice and music which she delivers always with a passion which will engulf you. Jasmine and her brotherSteve have played here on many occasions and always leaving us wanting them back…and here she is, supporting  Jasmine Rodgers newly formed     ‘Three Pilgrims‘ three pilgims   Mark Abis,  David Watson and  Paul Wassif. I’ve described them as being like The Travelling Willberries ….Three accomplished musicians who just weeks after their coming together were booked for 10 festivals across the UK. Having seen them at one of their first very early gigs, I booked them on the spot, and when you hear them, you’ll know why! Blusey folk with harmonies to melt you…enough already!    … there’s a primitive recording of their first rehearsal here

Local band Alpaca  will be making their debut  performance too….and intermingled with poetry by new published Nicola Nathan…we’re on for a blast of a night..only 30 places remain! 


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