Sat 06/12/2014 Tom Baxter and Jasmine Rodgers

Sat   06/12/2014                   Tom Baxter tombaxterA legendary singer/ songwriter with distinctive lyrical and descriptive songs which he delivers in an intimate and personal way. Tom Baxter’s songs are a musical reflection of real life and in a refreshing break from the norm, Tom Baxter sings it like he means it.  legendary residency at Bush Hall in Shepards Bush in 2003 (remember ‘Better’) he was signed to Sony. Earlier this week Tom joined Janice Long in the studio for a Spoken Word session. You can listen to the interview at Tom’s Soundcloud. Tom is brother to  Charlie Winston a rock legend  in France and a close friend of Estas Tonne. Supporting Tom will be…...Jasmine Rodgers, one of our absolute favourite performers...this will be extraordinary.


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