Gig Party Live Music 7th June

Sat 07/06/2014  Local girl Olivia King, who will perform three of her own compositions opens tonight. Returning band Bim, first gigged here in 2008  bim “Top 5 underground band” – Peter Robinson, NME “A little bit Saint Etienne, a little bit Massive Attack, Bim’s ‘Stay In My Memory’ is heartbreaking” – Q Magazine  “The music soothes while Rosier’s voice sighs and whispers like Dido and Sarah Cracknell’s sweetly sibilant kid sister” – Guardian “Song of the day” – Pop Justice “It’s just amazing” – Electroqueer

“Brilliant by all accounts” – Clixie  

Katey Brooks katey b Returns for her fourth or fifth show here and when you hear her music, you will understand why! “We’d even compare it to the impact of Jeff Buckley” Supajam …“Blown away” Clare Anderson Late Lounge Show (Jazz FM) ….“Such a lovely song” Baylen Leonard (Amazing Radio) “A devastating vocal talent” Just Music That I Like. Enough said, see you here, or miss what will be a stunning night of music and words.



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