The Little Unsaid and Francesca Luker

21st May                 The Little Unsaid The Little Unsaid & Francesca Luker   Francesa Luker

The Little Unsaid & Francesca Luker

John (aka TLU) grew up in the ‘badlands’ of West Yorkshire, a multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter he is, John Elliott.
He’s already booked to perform at several festivals this year, so you may catch him out there as well..I’ve followed him for a few years and am delighted that at last he’s coming here. Whilst one can hear influences, he creates his own unique sound and …this his music, often complex, is always engaging with melodies through and through. Accompanied by viola, he’s a musician’s musician.

Francesca Luker, aged just 12, is on of my truly special discoveries of 2016… a local girl discovered a local recording studio, she’s fast becoming hot property. You know I’m pretty choosy as to who plays here and this is Francesca’s second performance this year. She writes and performs her own music and with a voice already being compared to that of Amy Winehouse…and others as well…this really is #HomeToEmergingStars


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