Gig 16th July – Tom Baxter & Michelle Nadia

Headlining..the legend that is… Tom Baxter  tombaxter This is so exciting. Tom ranks amongst my favourite artists and has generously stepped in to take the Headline spot on Saturday. After gathering broad critical and public acclaim for his first two albums – “Feather & Stone” and “Skybound” – Tom took time out to rediscover his passion for the guitar and love of song-writing. He writes, plays and sings with a power, clarity and extraordinary delivery. His songs inspired by Rumi, life, love and loss have  been played  extensively across the world, not least all over Radio One and Two …used in films and TV…and at six foot something, he’s a hunk of a man…sadly girls, he’s spoken for, but you can still swoon your night way whilst he serenades you. 

Support comes from Michelle Nadia michelle-nadia..Beautiful… just gorgeous!’ – Graham Norton, BBC Radio 2 ..’It’s a lovely record’ – Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2 ..’She’s rather good’ – Robert Elms, BBC London


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