Prayer for grief

Please, I ask,
I need to weep, to feel the tears,
The acid rain, these barren years,
To purge my heart, of trickling pain,
To hold, to feel and love again

To walk on coals of blistering knives,
This shattered torment, shattered lives.
In silence suffer, this wrenching blow,
The perfect smile, I came to know.

I want to grieve, I want to howl,
I want to bleed, I want it now.
No mercy please, I want the pain,
To squeeze my eyes, to see again.

No padded floor, no softened cell,
This cold and empty place called hell.
My hollow sleep, my missing world,
Is mine to keep, as I grow old.

I ask a stake, drive through my heart,
Its splintered sides, each poisoned dart,
To drive in deep and very wide.
Lay me bare, I will not hide.