Saturday 19th Dec 730pm 
it was the week it snowed, and how…
made all the more magical by

amazing music from the unique and wonderful voice of Treana Morris and Jack Garratt, together BIM ..(that’s Becky and Tim)
and the after party including snow ball fights tobogganing in the park continued till four am..

Thanks to Petrus again for capturing the night

….and in case you’ve not already heard, Joan Armatrading
selected Drawingroom veteren Lisbee 
 to be her support act on Joan’s world tour in 2010

5th Dec

Maxine&Mandy Jack Garratt and making her début here Ashley Jane Welberry

… …

Yet again, every moment, every note, every party goer…completely excellent. Thank you.

All the images from Petrus

Saturday 21st Nov Let’s Party!
Another amazing party at mine Included special guests :
Jack Garratt (our musician in residence) Kif James and Treana Morris –
all original music, like no where else…

 Caught by Petrus, you will find more by following the link to his website


This week I visited the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith
(great venue), the guest of Lisbee Stainton  (see gig this summer & appearing here Sat. 7th)

at a special show hosted by
DJ Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6, Fresh on the net.
Celebrating the bands and musicians he has showcased 
over two years,
he selected just a handful, 30-40, the most promising of the very best of 3000
to play in front of an invited audience.

Lisbee and her band (Dee and Simon) were Tom singled out for particular praise;
she is that good and you will hear much,
much more of this girl in the future. I was delighted to be there, I really loved the venue,
as much as to tell you with confidence, the Drawingroom standard is every bit as high
….and there’s more of it on the way

Saturday 7th Nov. Let’s Party! SOLD OUT (see the pics-by Petrus)
Lisbee Stainton (star and finalist 2009 of BBC Radio 6 Tom Robinson Introducing) Jack Garratt
and Grammy Award winning Amrit Sond 
I’m really delighted to welcome for the first time, Award winning Amrit Sond

Amrit who has graced the same billing with the world’s most renowned Guitarists on the scene today;
Dominic Miller (STING), Hugh Burns (George Michael), Ronnie Johnson (Van Morrison, Leo Sawyer)
Doyle Dykes, Antonio Forcione, Jacques Stotzem, Preston Reed, Neil Stacey, Mike Messer, Clive Carroll
and John Etheridge to name but a few.

Sat 19/09/2009here’s some picture
The Stella Frays (on tour)
Rokhsan Haydari
Fraser Broadfoot

Sat 15/08/2009
to see it, click :…some pics taken by our Photographer in residence Petrus….and if you wanted to listen again, just follow the links to:
Lisbee Stainton
Jack Garratt
Mark Hole
Simon Stephenson
…and Petrus (the official Drawingroom Photographer) caught some magnificent shots of the night… (click on Rew ‘on sound’ in the picture)

Sat 18/07/2009
Photos(click here)-again thanks to Petrus

Kadesha (on tour-from Wales)
Maxine&Mandy Jack Garratt
Eddy Johns . Anne Cunningham

Sat 04/07/2009
Photos thanks to Petrus
Shed in the Park (at 5pm) a delightful performance, quite the most beautiful music, voices (20+) and presentation with three of their original songs avail on a cd for £2.99! Bargain.
Everyone involved should be proud of everything this ‘all inclusive’ theatre company have achieved in so short a time.
Mark Hole
well written, intelligent comment, great music, drama and beautiful music.
Graeme Green meets Oscar Wild meets Imogen Heap and Regina Spektor
Vanity Vanished (on their first UK tour from Norway) they did two sets, one shortly after arriving in the afternoon and the second early evening
Led Zep reinvented…
Jack Garratt
better and better with each outing; look out world.
tHe dRaWiNgRoOm hOuSe bAnD jAmS
they played and conquoured
with new songs, new lyrics, there is no stopping these local heros..

Sat 06/06/2009
Gill Holdsworth
Eddy John
Katie Buckhaven
Jack Garratt
Pierre Netty

16th May

a private gathering, packed with a completely spontanious and stunning performance by some friends who called by….
Pierre Netty, Don Perera, Rokhsan Haydari, Jack Garratt and Belle Humble
Thank you

Sat 02/05/2009
Pierre Netty 
Jack Garratt  …
Fraser Broadfoot
Tom Greenwood 

…and making them all sound so good sitting at the back of Tuppence…Rew

Saturday, 25th April

….a bonus event, and what a bonus…awesome night
went to bed at 2…am 

Tom Hingley…………Polly Wood & Steve Picken with their unmistakable sound of acoustic blues & rock………Tom Greenwood

18th AprilMaxine&Mandy   started the party…brilliant…awesome…
and they just get better each time


Zoox  Folk Rock… as you’ve never heard it before.
Try mixing conga and African rhythms to English folk, and something new is born…Zoox. 100% entertainment value.
Roks I’d tried to get Rokhsan to come before now, and it was certainly worth the wait: she headlines with another band, but for me is the complete package…and she’s coming back.
 Claire Batchelor who gigged here in 2003 charmed and delighted her fans and family alike.

…and as if this were not enough entertainment for one night.. Juju (LittleFish) turned up to hang out and we were treated to three new songs

SOLD OUT again, and again and…sorry if you could not come last time…book your ticket upon invitation, or you will be caught out.

4th April 09

a night of debut/recently released albums Francis Rodino circles&Squares & Tinlin junction 20

Treana, lead singer of Wire Daisies

21st Mar
“I really enjoyed the evening, we were supposed to move on to another gig but I just could not drag myself away from all that amazing talent….see you again soon Pennie x”
“Thought M&M were fantastic, engaging, talented ”
Maxine&Mandy  two local 16&17 year olds who have already earned their Drawingroom colours along
with the likes of Tinlin and Jack Garratt. Jack Headlined here for the first time and was on fire. The evening kicked off with Tom Greenwood and Les Payne Jamming to some of Les’s material. Gill Holdsworth followed and gets better each time she performs.

Sat 7th March 09

3 voices, 3 unique styles, 3 sets of original music from 3 extraordinary female artists

Treana, lead singer of Wire Daisies… and bringing a sneek preview from Sharron (or at least her album) her debut album will be out later this year,

rounding off the evening with the most important rock musician to emerge since Led Zeppelin
or Patti Smith  Juju the voice, guitar and lyrics of Little Fish.

21st. Feb. 09:  Tim is one of the most gifted music producers in Europe at this time
and together with the breathtaking voice and beauty of Rebecca, they are BIM. With over 400 published compositions to his name, it is not this statistic that will wow you; it is his unique style and stunning command of the guitar. You may know or recognise him as the ever patient inexhaustible father of Ike and Eady……however, behind that untarnished visage resides

….and finally came Belle Humble, accomapnied by Jason on base…all the way from….London town.
Acoustic / Tropical / Pop 
a terrific hit with everyone, they were both truely professional and finished off a terrific evening…

Thank you …one and all.

The performances from the musician’s gallery were beamed live on a 40″ plasma screen in the living room and onto the wall opposite….
Jack Garratt ….
occasionallydavid  TiN LiN Maxine&Mandy. Young Young and Don Perera  Trail returned to perform a brilliant acoustic set with violinist, Saskia.


 Parents and kids from just a few months old join in during the day
and some  … the sun shines brightly in this space…. Thank you for all your support.