Events from 2005 are below

In 2005 we did the first ‘Moving Art Show,’ incorporating some work by Sir Ridley Scott for PRADA, edited by my good friend and Glastonbury buddie Dayn Williams together with a shortfilm premiered here in the UK at The Drawingroom. his film too was edited by Dayn Williams went on to to be an Academy Award – nominated film, in the short films category.

The tragedy of watching the new year begin with so many lives washed away in tsunami moved many to give generously

Tsunami Cocktail Party 2005

The recent cocktail party at The Drawingroom gave everyone a chance to here of the horror from someone who was present when the tsunami hit.

Our ‘guest of honor’ was local girl Emmelie Forsyth, who was in Sri Lanka on boxing day. She was saved and cared for by local fishermen and their families.
Her experience inspired her to establish the Rebuilding Boossa Appeal where all the money raised goes directly to the village.

The evening was a great success and raised over £2000 for the appeal. This will buy at least 4 houses for local families or 8 fishing boats. Many of the artists donated all or part of the proceeds of sales to the cause and we owe them a great thank you.

Somewhere, sailing off the coast of SriLanka,

Emmelie’s Pictures taken after the disaster


I would like to thank musicians, The Blue Review and Simon & Mike Stephenson for the great entertainment, also, all The Drawingroom team, Jess, Cammie, James and Sarah, for giving up their time to make the evening so enjoyable.

The highlight of the evening was an auction for a work of art by Christine Russell, which raised £500 and a print by Carolyn Weltman from the United States which raised £65. A prize draw was also held on the night for a sculpture by Ronald Cameron this was won by Peter and Anne Jones of Chesham.

Take a look at the ‘Saving Boossa’ website, read Emmelie’s story and the great work her campaign is doing visit Make a donation while you are there. Any money you give will godirect to this village, not some anonymous bureaucratic pot of money.


Rafe Chiles

May 21st 2005, we held a concert to celebrate the life of one of Chesham’s most remarkable young men and tragic losses, Rafe Chiles of Shell Shock who died in October 2004. Rafe’s sudden and tragic death dealt a tragic and painful blow to many, not least his parents, John and Lesley, his sister Chloe, brother Darryl and his soul mate and partner, Christelle.

It would be impossible to define the gap from family to his band and those whose lives were inextricably linked and impacted upon in such powerful and important ways as perhaps only Rafe could have done.

Having met Rafe less than three years ago, there will be many more qualified to write a worthy epitaph; what I can tell you is what I saw.

I saw pain across hundreds of faces, young faces, musicians and young hearts who Rafe had touched. A procession of them In their hundreds, walked a ‘candle lit’ vigil from miles around, to the family home, ‘The Barn’ outside Chesham.

It was here Rafe had taught and inspired so many of the musicians, musicians you will hear now, and for years to come.

Rafe had all of the qualities a young visionary should have, together with the strength of character to inspire and lead from the front. His apparent youth was tempered with wisdom one seldom sees in someone beyond his tender 23 years. Rafe was passionate; about music, about life, about democracy and freedom with a strong sense of right and wrong and he took action. This passion manifested itself in every aspect of his life.

Not long after opening The Drawingroom in 2002, Rafe wandered into Francis Yard, fell instantly in love with this place. He called his family immediately and told them of his discovery. It was a place he came to visit often; we shared a vision putting Chesham on the map. Naturally I was thrilled and honoured when John and Lesley asked that Rafe’s tribute should be held here.

May 21st, the day of his concert, the weather howled. It would be difficult to imagine how it could have been worse. The wind was extreme and the canopy over the stage whipped about like the rigging on a stricken yacht. One hour before the event was due to start, it fell calm, the rain which had washed the yard clean stopped and the sky turned blue. As the two hundred invited guests arrived at this unique and special event, as if by magic itself Francis Yard glistened in the sun. It was as if Rafe himself had organised the weather with the same perfection and crispness in timing we knew in his music.

There were so many words spoken, of memories and moments shared with Rafe long into the night, one could fill a book. Chesham’s newly appointed Mayor, Chris Spruytenburg announced “In light of the tragic death of Rafe and the excellent work he did with young people in the community, it has been proposed that the newly established ‘Young Person’s Award’ is to be called the ‘Rafe Chiles Young Person’s Award’ to act as an inspiration and long standing memory of his good work.”

Many of the photos of these events were taken by Photographer Kris Gruber.
 Kris has many other photos which are for sale either digital or photos. Kris is an accomplished local Photographer who specialises in live music events; he is the Photographer of choice of the Box Moor Trust who organise:

Music on the Moor.

The last big party of the year…and what a blast we had, perhaps the best so far.

Music on Canvas 6

was held on Sat24th September

This was the 6th major production not including some of the smaller gatherings we have held. Natalie James kicked off with some of her own magical material followed by our own local drummers, ‘The Vitae Drum Circle’. Their enchanting and rhythmic beats could be heard a quarter of a mile away. The legendary Les Payne followed with a 20 minute set and the headliners were The Blue Review (now known as Tinlin).

The Blue Review

all this was following

a wonderful evening of music and film on the 17th September, I am pleased to say there will be many more of these events next year.

Natalie James

In true Cinema Paradiso spirit, the blue print to Moving Art and Living Music was born that night with more planned for next year.

In true industry fashion, I’d like to thank you to everyone, there are so many who helped make it happen. Marcus for the BBQ, Sarah kept the kitchen moving and Ed who created the largest outdoor screen in Chesham…The celluloid came from Dayn Williams and together the three musicians Simon Stephenson, Rew Elkington and the amazing Natalie James made the whole night work so well.

Saturday 20th August


‘Chillin’ in the yard’

This was a particularly magical evening. Five Muso’s turned up; four guitars and the keyboards of Geoffrey Ford, a longtime Drawingroom visitor who kicked off with a lively boogeywoogy set. Clive Whitelock followed playing in public for the first time in a longtime…and did it brilliantly.
Some years ago David Farrell supported IN XS. Like Clive, David had not picked up a guitar ‘in anger’ for many years, but being a pro, jammed with gigging muso’s Russel Leak and Alix Tinlin of Blue review as if they’d been on-tour together for weeks. For those who stayed came the bonus of Rolf Tinlin turning up and we were treated to twenty or more Blue Review songs, some heard for the very first time in public. It was a real treat and ‘the perfect end to a..’ albeit nearly 4 a.m. !



PS – I want at least two volunteer photographers for each event and they will get to go for free in exchange for snapping up the event. Ideally digital and preferably with some reasonable kit and experience to do the job! Call me.


Previous Events / Events passed!



Saturday 30th July – 7pmish and onwards.

A party in the yard – We did this a few weeks ago, a great success, a BBQ, Curry, salads, some musicians turned up too, so bring an instrument yourself and jam along…guitars, drums, whatever you like…and something to drink…there’s only 75 places, all quite intimate and a really special space to spend an evening.

Tickets £15 (student child concession – £10)

Saturday June 18th

I’m holding an impromptu party here in Francis Yard on Saturday 18th June, the night before Father’s day. What better way to show your partner what a terrific Dad they are?

The food will be a mix of Curry, Salads and a BBQ as well as vegetarian food. BYO wine/Champagne/beer etc…

May 28th, Bank Holiday Weekend.

Breaking News!

‘Move over David Gray‘ – Alex McEwan one of the most sought after breaking musicians on the London circuit is coming. I spoke with Alex today, a window appeared in his busy schedule I and have persuaded him to come.

Scotland’s very own Alex McEwan,released his debut album in 2004 and his music often heard wafting through the Yard. It is full of maturity and promise for a glowing musical career. His songwriting skills are finely honed. Alex has worked hard learning his trade, busking in the tube in and around Europe. He’s gigged in Nashville and in Los Angeles where he teamed up with Beach Boys collaborator and producer Lou Natkin, who helped with this his first album.

‘Beautiful Lies’

TICKET NOW ON SALE : £15.50 each including supper and a fabulous night of live music.

Student/concession ……….. at £10.00

Here’s the form:
Arrive at 7:30, bring your own alcoholic refreshments; soft drinks, teas, coffee, milkshakes and hot chocolate will be on sale. Supper will be a chicken curry, a vegetarian option.
Headlining The Blue Review
Their classic yet fresh and individual sound saw them televised and lead BBC’s Battle of the Bands for Children in Need this year. The press described them as…
“Lashings of Beatles-esque harmonies” “classic influences…being executed with originality and enthusiasm, nice harmonies too tight guitar accompaniment with mandolin …most likely to be mistaken for Crowded House”
“Imagine The Beatles having a few beers with the Turin Brakes, and then you have the music of the Blue Review”, 

With their backgrounds in both classical and popular music and the unusual combination of vocals, electric mandolin, guitar and percussion, their style is eclectic and original, yet the emphasis is firmly on well-crafted, catchy pop/rock songs, which they can’t seem to help writing!

There will be six other acts, kicking off with the Legendary Les Payne, Holly Petrie whose voice will astound you…the amazing 13 year old Lizzie M, who stunned and thrilled audiences here last year…the distinctive sound of Saber who came to me via Lemonrock .Rebecca and Benco writers and singers…the amazing guitar playing of Don Perera (Royal Academy of Music)and Simon Stephenson “the man is a genius” and Saber, an accoustic guitar player who along with two other acts, will be making their debut performance at The Drawingroom… and it all takes place here under the stars with all the magic of the Francis Yard.

There are just 80 tickets remaining for this event….1st come 1st served. ORDER TICKETS NOW.

There is a strong chance The Commitments (did you see the movie?) will perform here in 2005. I’ll let you know the moment I know when.


The Blue Review-Aka Tinlin


Katie Buckhaven

The youngest performer was (then)11 years old, Lizzie M. She has now reached the finals in a UK talent contest with the music charity ‘UK Unsigned’ and played at Hackney Empire on Sunday 7th August and won the 13-19 age group category. If that wasn’t enough, I heard she has reached the finals of the Junior Eurovision as well…certainly a star in the making, The Blue Review, were runners up in this years ‘battle of the band’ for ‘Children in Need.’ With classical performances by Don Perera, Royal Academy of Music,

Anna Stokes
Royal College of Music, like the Fineart inside the Gallery, it is world-class entertainment.