Breakfast…served all day

The Big breakfast: Scrambled local free-range egg, baked beans,
griddled haloumi, cherry tomato, kibbled toast, mushroom, avocado,
asparagus & hot drink    £9.95

Eggs FlorentineNEW  Wilted baby-leaf spinach poached eggs,
cream cheese on toast. £6.45

Scrambled Eggs: With local free-range eggs £4.45
or Scrambled Eggs with Organic Smoked Salmon £7.45

Mackerel Fillet: kiln smoked and peppered in Scotland, it is served
with garlic buttered bread £4.45

Crumpets or Toast two slices/pcs, served with butter  ( Vegan) £1.45
(Add cream cheese organic strawberry jam – marmalade or honey) extra 75p 
Extras!   remember you can order extras with any of the above: cherry toms, mushrooms,
baked beans, all at 75p each,  haloumi £1.25 and smoked organic salmon £3.00 extra

Lite lunches and snacks

The VKB The all NEW Vegetarian kebab, it’s stacked with  amazing flavours from Europe,
the Middle East and beyond, including pomegranate molasses and our home-made
Drawingroom TenXSpice Chili Oil, with seasonal’s stunning.  ( Vegan) £5.95

Famous ‘five’ Cheese toasty: Our secret mix of five cheeses,
sundried toms and sweet chili in kibbled toast £4.75

Smoked Crumpet: crispy crumpet, a bed of cream cheese,
stacked with smoked salmon (f) with fresh lemon and a cherry tomato. £3.45

Soups All home-made

As a Starter – Served with our fresh and garlic buttered toast( Vegan) £3.95
Main dish – Served with our fresh and now famous garlic buttered toast( Vegan)£4.95

Jacket Potato-includes one topping £4.75
Tuna, cheese, sour cream, sundried toms, Portobello mushrooms Extras 75p
baked beans, garlic butter, garlic avocado oil

Sandwiches: Tuna, with/without mayo, cave aged Cheddar cheese, cream cheese, £4.75
Smoked organic Salmon (w/without) cream cheese. £6.75

Tapas – Mezze – DimSum – Wapas

Nibbles and finger food our own Nocellara Extra large olives, warm mixed salted nuts
served by the bowl,  whilst you wait for friends          £2.95

Spiced Lentil Crisps  our own home-made 10XSpice chili oil £2.95  
Garlic Artisan Bread: Toasted artisan Syrian flat bread drizzled
generously with piping hot garlic butter or Avocado oil.( Vegan) £4.45
Hummus Home-made: our own blend of chickpea paté,
olive oil, lemons, garlic, coriander and herbs; it’s a bit good! £3.25

Dolmas: meaning ’stuffed thing’-chopped veg, onions,
parsley, toms and Egyptian rice. £3.45

Falafel Originating from Egypt, chick-pea croquettes,
prepared by a Lebanese chef and baked here. £3.25

Spinach Fatayer (3p/portion) slow baked pastry, with spinach & pinenuts £4.95

Zucchini Farcie deliciously creamy courgette chunks,
stuffed with Egyptian rice, and basil sauce, coriander and cumin. £3.45

Battata Harra our Lebanese version of patatas bravas, a tingling mix
of chili, garlic (butter/avocado oil) coriander&cumin.( Vegan) £3.45

Turkish bean Salad Blanched French beans, fresh garlic, drizzled
with fresh lemon juice, garnished with sundried toms and lettuce. £5.75

Haloumi When uncooked, this ‘sociable’ squeaky cheese
has a very mild flavour! Griddle bronzed, all the flavours
rush out; it’s extremely more-ish! £4.45

Chips Zanzibar Inspired by a visit to Zanzi-bar; sweet potato chips,
sprinkled with exotic herbs and spices then baked, not fried. £3.95

Spinach Pompei poached baby leaf spinach with pesto,
pine nuts with tahini for vegans (or) cream cheese and TenXSpice oil( Vegan)£3.45

Sea Food
Jamaican Peppered Squid chunky pieces of calamari,
dusted, oven baked and served with a sweet chili dip. £5.95

WonTon Soup Four juicy prawns, in this traditional soup
from South China £5.95


Smoked Organic Salmon Served with cream cheese, salad & pita bread.
The Mediterranean
our ‘most popular’ with tuna in sunflower oil, olives, feta and goats cheese, salad with pita bread £11.95
Side Salad
garnished with mixed leaf salad, cherry tomatoes drizzled with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin oil £2.75

Cakes and desserts

All cakes are artisan, home-made, gluten free and a bit good

really (#justsaying): only the scones contain gluten.

Vegan cakes are further down the list

All cakes are GLUTEN free and homemade by Alison Elkington:

Carrot,Lemon DrizzleCoffee sponge & Brownies, Millionaire’s Shortbread £2.95
Maxima Delectatio 
a secret Italian recipe Chocolate sponge with a hint of ginger, Chocolate nuggets too and served warm, drizzled with cream, ice cream…or both! (*contains nuts)
Shortbread or biscuits £1.45
Alison’s home-made with extra thick double cream/butter & organic Strawberry jam £275

Poohbear Sticks
kibbled bread, toasted, cut into soldiers, drizzled with boiled honey & melted butter or tahini
Date & Walnut – Chery & Walnut Tiffin – Granola Flapjack



Organic, looseleaf and fairtrade


Assam – Breakfast – Darjeeling – Earl Grey – Lady Grey – Lapsang – Camomile – peppermint – Assorted Fruit – Green – Rooibosch – China, Moroccan mint tea made with fresh mint – Chi and finally Ché


Coffees All Fairtrade & served with a coffee

biscuit and water.

Cappuccino-Espresso-Mocha-Latté- Lattécino

C or D cups!

Maxi Jazz – black Sister Bliss – white –

Iced Coffee Pashà

Chilled coffee, ice cream with a single, double or triple shot of coffee, just tell us what you’d like

Hot Chocolate 

Our speciality, and there’s a choice

Drawingroom Fair Trade Hot Chocolate

Local girl, Sophie’s Luxury Hot Chocolate

both excellent, but if you love your chocolate try…

‘The Chocoholics’ 12 embracing oz’s of chocolate Drawingroom or Sophie’s

if you’re feeling a little decadent, try the Chocolate Orange Splash

(a three oz. cup of Hot Chocolate and a healthy ‘splash’ of Orange liqueur)

All milk including Soya and semi-skimmed milks are organic

Cold Drinks

Whole squeezed orange juice

Pressed organic apple juice

Ice cream dairy milkshakes

(Strawberry – Chocolate – Banana)

Ice Cream

Chocolate or Vanilla

Soft Drinks Coke – Coke (diet or fat)- Lemonade – Sparkling Water

Ribena / Kiddie sized drinks just 50p

Baby C’ino

Baby Hot Chocs

If your child has a special request, please ask…

Homemade Sponge Cakes

Lemon-Coffee-Chocolate-Carrot-Lemon Drizzle – Ginger and chocolate fudge cake

Fruit cake -GLUTEN free Lemon Drizzle or Chocolate sponge (contains nuts)


Shortbread (3pcs)

Organic Flapjack

Chocolate oat brick or brownies

Basquette of biscuits

Crumpets /Toast

Served with butter

( cream cheese, jams, marmalade )

Scones / Muffins

Pooh bear sticks

All food and drinks are available as

– Takeaways –