Author: Richard

21st June Gigs and Parties

Sat 21/06/2014  Buryfields This is the second year Chesham’ own music festival will take place; in order not to deflect the significance of this event and not least that I may enjoy it myself, there will be no gig on this date, 21st June.

19th April Gigs & Parties

Sat 19/04/2014   Will Mcnicol returns…how completely cool. Selected in 2014 as Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s 30 under 30 along with established name like Ed Sheeran he supported Eleanor McEvoy. Also appearing will be Hawk , featuring the fabulous voice and musical charms of this Irish female singer who played here last year. Another night of fabulous music, home-cooked food and wonderful company is coming up…make sure that at least once in your life you experience a night at The Drawingroom…home to emerging stars. To come, Mail me.

Sat 5th April 2014 Gigs & Parties

Sat 05/04/2014

Paul Diello & Against the Grain There are still some places available to hear two sets of musicians thrill you this coming saturday. Paul Diello (of whom I have heard good things) is accompanied with voices and guitars…all the way from Brighton..whilst Jo and Jeff, from Against the Grain, are more local. Jo for many years was the rhythm and beat of Zoox, a highly acclaimed jazzy/folky/celtic/edgy…not in a box sound who made it onto Radio two and several respected stages across the UK. Jo is one of the most respected percussionists of her generation..passionate about her craft and it shows….

It will be a brilliant night…and as I say…every night is different…drop the angst..pick up the phone or mail me…come, let’s party.